Backwater Classic Car Tours
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Social Non-Competitive Rallying

non competitive - no early starts - no procession driving

Backwater Classic Car Tours is focused on providing friendly tours for distances easily travelled within a few hours in quiet country lanes. Our formula of fun and relaxation combined with flexibility and choice gives you the ability to create a more personal touch to your tour. 

The route is drawn up using tulip navigation and thoroughly tested. Because these routes are typically within the 65-80mile range they are ideal for drivers and navigators who are new to this type of route navigation who want to gain experience although experienced drivers would also enjoy the beautiful lanes and backwaters that our routes travel.

All our tours are escorted and attention is paid to providing accommodation in areas of interest. Because each tour can be completed within a few hours this gives ample time to explore the surrounding areas during the rest of the break giving you the ability to combine a tour with exploring the local area


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